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Editor In Chief 

Beth Hurst should be reading for her English Literature and Creative Writing degree at the University of Warwick, but is probably watching Suits. She enjoys green tea, tap dancing and things that glitter.

Beth blogs here and tweets here
Girls That Have Their Lives Together Don’t Exist – Humanities students – what are we paying for? – Freedom of Information.

editorEditor In Chief 

Becky Kells is a lost Northerner studying English at UCL. She knows lots about Japanese Literature. If you meet her, there is a high chance she will spill a drink on you.

Becky blogs here and tweets here

Debunking Student Slacktivism – The Student Publication Association – Student Grants – In Mourning




Abby Mercer is 19 year old Law student at the University of Manchester, you’ll find her somewhere taking photos of her flat whites.





Untitled 1111Araddhna Patel is a 2nd year student at the University of Manchester reading Ancient History. She’s fluent in fangirl, an avid reader and writer, a productive procrastinator, a grammar enthusiast, a proud nerd, a Harry Potter aficionado, a lover of sarcasm, and an aspiring something… She’ll let you know what.

Araddhana blogs here and tweets here. 



Ben Whittaker is an amateur philosopher, shower singer, and wannabe writer. You can probably find him in a cinema in Sheffield, or watching Game of Thrones on repeat in his bedroom.
Ben blogs here.

There’s No Place Like Home




Lewis Thomas studies English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Warwick – or at least he pretends to – find him hiding in his room surrounded by cans of carling from the night before, whilst trying to write something that has meaning.
Confessions of a Gamer





John Butler is a second year physics student at the University of Warwick. If he’s not trying to tell you about some awesome new discovery, he’s probably sat eating takeaway and writing more articles like this one.

John blogs here.
Depression: Why We Need to Speak About the Unspeakable


kieran makin
Kieran Makin
is a Wigan lad currently studying Sports Journalism and the University of Central Lancashire. He basically watches football, eats food and drinks beer – He could probably chew your ear off about rugby league and boxing too.
Sky High Football Tickets Out Price Students



close upApril Roach is an English Literature and Creative Writing student at Warwick University. She is currently doing a year abroad at Paris-Sorbonne University where she gives equal time to her studies and gorging on French food. She is also an aspiring journalist who enjoys reading, writing creatively and poetry.
April blogs here.
The Right kind of Change



12575871_10208857093363889_1747340015_nEllie Pearce is a 2nd year English lit student whose favourite pastimes include cuddling cats and gorging on Ben and Jerry’s. When she’s not delving into Anglo-Saxon poetry or fangirling over Chaucer, she’s probably having a silent disco in her room or watching silly animal videos on Facebook – maybe even both at the same time.
Studies and Sickness



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Holly Woolnough
is an English student at the University of York. She really likes it when things are organised neatly and will probably tell you about this fantastic dog she once saw.
York Comes Together in Face of Floods


Angie Bhandal
 is a second year Classicist currently loving life and angieshirking responsibilities. When she’s not sipping a glass of the classiest red wine or engrossed in the latest gripping best-seller, she tries to make herself sound cool and speaks in the third person.
Boozy Britain: Are We Encouraging Alcoholism in Our Youth?