The Student Publication Association


The Broad is still young. Aspirational, yes, brimming with beautifully cultivated, student-esque trains of thought, yes. But we are yet to reach one month old.

So firstly we would like to thank you for sharing what you’ve read here, and we very much hope that you got something out of it. If you’re yet to check out what we’ve published so far, you can do so here.

Secondly we would like to share something exciting. We’re now a member of the Student Publication Association, which is essentially a support network for student journalism. This means that our writers and editors will be able to get involved with an organisation which really cares about what we are trying to do. The SPA is a gold mine for all things journalistic, and it is one we are very fortunate to have stumbled upon.

Thanks to the SPA for letting us in – and giving us the ability to provide relevant journalism with added pizzaz.

Image Credit: Kevin Harber, Flickr


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