Freedom of Information

Journalism is information. It is holding to account those in positions of power, allowing matters to be discussed and opinions to be heard. This is extremely important especially for students. Sometimes it feels as if the government and the institutions that we study in aren’t treating us fairly, and legislation such as the Freedom of Information Act allows us to question this.

However hidden within the green paper on higher education reform was the motion to exempt English universities from this act. As revealed by The Boar, Warwick University wants to trash Freedom of Information and will be submitting their response to the government on Friday the 15th of January.

Ian / Flickr

Obviously, this would make it virtuously impossible for student journalism to access information that can have such positive outcomes when exposed. This decision is done not in the favour of publications, media, campaigners, societies or students, but the University itself. If anything, more should be done to release information and be more open. Students are highly invested in what their universities may decide behind closed doors, and have a right to know the facts about their place of education.

The Broad fully supports The Boar and The Warwick Globalist in their brilliant article response found here and hopes that our readers will continue to support the continuation of student journalism as the voice of the students, with a right to Freedom of Information.

As Editors we stand with Hiran Adhia and Connor Woodman in wanting to condemn Warwick University’s decision against the Freedom of Information Act, as it denies our right to truth, freedom and transparency.

Beth Hurst and Becky Kells.


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