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I often sigh about the world. I sigh about many things, including politics, the fact that packets of biscuits aren’t infinite, and the state of my always-messy room. Mostly I find myself sighing about journalism. As a student, unpaid journalist I find myself loving my student paper and any other opportunity I have to write. Yet these opportunities are few and far between. No matter how many emails, pitches and submissions I send out, I get very little (and by little I mean my inbox is empty) in return.

There is currently no stepping-stone from University run newspapers to the heights of professional journalism, at least one that I can see. The only national format that is accessible to me is in a style completely alien to the way I want to write. Then in comes The Broad.

This is for all the pieces that I couldn’t write, for lack of bravery, means and platform. This is for all the university students that want to connect and discuss the issues that truly matter to them. I am so excited to be a part of it.


beth paris profile


Beth Hurst should be reading for her English Literature and Creative Writing degree at the University of Warwick, but is probably watching Suits. She enjoys green tea, tap dancing and things that glitter.




It often strikes me, studying in London, that I really have no idea what is going on in Cardiff, or Manchester, or indeed anywhere beyond the M25. I am firmly settled in the London Bubble, yet constantly fantasising about how I can burst it. The Broad is my attempt.

It also strikes me that perhaps students are the key voices in their respective parts of the country – we’re often at the heart of our cities, we are the first to experience political and cultural events, and we’re airing our views and honing our opinions continuously. I hope that you’ll see The Broad as a springboard into expressing what matters to you.


Students of every nook and hidey-hole of the UK – tell me what’s going on.



Becky Kells is a lost Northerner studying English at UCL. She knows lots about Japanese Literature. If you meet her, there is a high chance she will spill a drink on you.





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